five yoga pose reduced stress & depression

Five types of yoga postures help you to relax & depression


  •  Paschimottanasan

five yoga pose reduced stress & depression

First of all, sit on the mat in an upright position. Now spread your legs forward. After that, straighten your arms, and then try to hold your toes (especially the big toe) by moving them forward. Try to touch your knees with your nose at this time, but keep your knees and arms straight. Do this yoga at least 3-4 times a day. This pose not only relieves fatigue, stress, and depression but is also an ideal pose for reducing obesity. Not only this, but this yoga also helps with problems associated with its immunity.

  •  Uttarasana

five yoga pose reduced stress & depression

This yoga is also called the camel pose because the body pose in this pose is like a camel. To do this, kneel on the mat. Straighten your legs by turning in the opposite direction. Now move your body back and keep both hands on your ankles. Keep both arms straight during this. Practice this yoga in the morning. But keep in mind that do this yoga 3-4 hours before eating. yoga  (Uttarasana) relieves fatigue and stress, and also supports blood circulation. 
and increase your blood level in your body.

  • Balasan

Balasan Yoga is very beneficial in reducing stress and providing mental peace. This is a comfortable posture that can also be performed to get rest in between more difficult yoga. To do this yoga, spread a yoga mat and sit on it in Vajrasana or kneeling. Now slowly tilt your head and keep the head on the ground. Keep both of your hands on the floor with the front-facing straight. In this posture, try to stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes. This yoga cures backache and also helps in reducing your monthly fatigue.

  •  Prasaarita paadottaasan

In this yoga, blood flow increases in the upper body, especially the head. Spread your legs evenly and keep your hands on the hips. Breathing, raise your hands up, and while exhaling bend from the waist towards the front. Now rest the elbows on the ground, keep the shoulders straight and the fingers are stuck together. Now keep the heat on the ground. If the head is not able to reach the ground, then using the yoga block, the head can rest on it. Breathe in this posture 10 times and release. Now take a straight breath and keep your hands on the waist. This easy excess blood flow to the brain, which makes its cells active. This posture is best suited to relieve tension and anxiety in minutes. It provides a different level of peace, which relaxes your mind.

  • Supta badhda koṇasana
five yoga pose reduced stress & depression
This yoga provides peace to the nervous system. It provides good stretching around the hips and the entire body. But this posture helps in providing inner peace and being focused on your goals, not about stretching. Lie directly on the ground. Now slowly bend your knees, so that the soles touch each other in the posture. Try touching the groin or moving it as close as possible to the groin (below the belly and the top of the thighs). Now place the left palm on the heart and the right on the stomach. While exhaling, keep in mind that the muscles of the lower body feel constricted, because, during this time, the tailbone will close to the pubic bone. You will feel stability in the back and pelvic area. Now breathe immediately and while exhaling, raise the knee, so that the inner parts and groins of the Thai feel a stretch. Keep in mind that there should not be too much pressure on the lower spine. The shoulders should remain wide while not applying too much pressure on the neck. Now while remaining in this posture for one minute, take a deep breath and release slowly. Exhale and come out of the pose. But before doing this, press the lower body and knees on the ground. After that, embrace the knees and then spread the arms and release the position. It stimulates blood flow by stimulating the heart. This muscle tension
Reduces, which leads to good sleep and makes the body relaxed. And energy flows throughout the body.

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